Emmy Award-Winning Concept Design

KAIA creates Emmy Award-winning Design and Visualization for the world’s most innovative organizations. We've delivered hundreds of projects for NASA, MIT, the US Army, Sony, Nike, Warner Bros, and Disney, garnering dozens of awards along the way. Extensive portfolio includes Virtual & Augmented Reality, Industrial & Concept Design, Film & Television production, Visualization & Simulation. Above all, we translate client needs into pixel-perfect work - on budget and on time.

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Concept Design


223 products brought to serial production


23 early TRL (technologies readiness level) concept designs


11 product design awards: Industrial Designs Society of America IDEA, Red Dot, design Preis Schweiz, iF awards


Video Production


105 nationally broadcast TV programs


754 video productions


21 Emmy awards & nominations, including an Emmy for VFX on the LOST pilot


49 video awards: New York Film Festival, Telly, Communicator


142 VFX & 3D animation projects for 21 primetime TV series, 5 TV movies, and 10 feature films


4 visual effects awards & nominations: VFX Society, VFX HQ


Interactive Media


53 interactive games and



16 User Experience (UX), menu and game awards


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